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MVC's Retention Announcement for 2019-20 Season

MVC will not be issuing any retention offers in the August period this year.  Here is where we land as a club on this new Region rule.

1. We view each year as a new year.   No matter what you did previously we treat each season as a new season.

2. Players improve at different rates.  We want to see the type of improvement in each player over the high school season to find the correct team for them.

3. We have a large pool of high school coaches.  When we make offers we want the players to know exactly what coaches they will be playing for.  While we try to get coaching placements announced as early as possible for families, we can not finalize those assignments until we know exactly who will  be coming through that door for tryouts.  It is unfair for a player to not be allowed to be on a team because a coach from his high school is assigned to that team already.  We will move a coach instead of denying a player to be a on a team.

4. We give complete transparency in regards to what team and what your role will be on the team.  This can not be accomplished 4 months before the season begins with the rate teenage boys grow. 

5. Change is a part of life and it is a part of our teams.  The returning boys need to learn to welcome new teammates and players who are joining an MVC team need to learn to be open to their surroundings.  We don't believe it is fair to invite 10 of the 12 boys back to a team, that does not set a good example for everyone.  Players improve as mentioned above and spots are earned not given.

6. If we were to follow the retention rule you would be committing to a club not a specific team.  So we could put you on whatever team we wanted and you would be stuck on that team.  That in no way follows any of our beliefs or ideals. 

7. We qualified the most teams in the open division in the entire country last year.  Our players and families embrace that being on a “2’s” team does not mean 2nd rate.  It is about playing and getting the opportunity to be on the court.  In order for this to happen we need to see everyone at tryouts, see what players work well together and form the best possible teams so we can put these boys into a position to be competitive and constantly improve.  As a result our teams achieve a high level of success.  

We wish everyone good luck with their school seasons and we will see you in the Fall! 


Brad Kuehl

Director of Business Operations

Phone: 414-687-7494

Jake Nowak

Director of Volleyball Operations

Phone: 414-975-2512

Brian Rushmer

Director of Logistical Operations

Phone: 414-698-1530

Billing Address

8940 N. Malibu Drive - Bayside, WI 53217

General Club Mailing Address

2462 S 83rd St. West Allis 53219

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