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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do we train?
Indoors we train at St Anthony's High School in Milwaukee, Nicolet High School, Pius XI Catholic High School 

2. When do we train?
One weeknight and one weekend training session is the typical schedule.  Because of potential school sport conflicts, some teams may have both training sessions on the weekend or during the week. Time of day varies depending on when we can reserve the facilities but range between mid-day and early evening.

3. How often do we practice?
Teams train twice per week.  During the part of the boys season we be holding skill and technique-only training sessions at least 2 times per month.  These will either be in addition to, or a replacement for, the weeknight team training sessions depending on what night the skills sessions will be scheduled. Any team that competes in the summer may add a third weekly training session in the Spring.

4. How does the club view conflicts with a school sport?
Our view is that a player’s school sport should come first, club volleyball should come second.  We do not force players to choose between other high school athletics and club volleyball.  We STRESS player-to-coach communication so that we are aware of any school sport conflicts as far ahead of time as possible.

5. What type of season is club volleyball?
Club volleyball consists of the 2 weekly training sessions as described above and tournaments on the weekends.  Many events are one day only, Saturday or Sunday.  Some of the bigger events would cover both Saturday and Sunday.  A typical one-day tournament would begin around 8:00am and conclude play late afternoon or early evening. Our teams may enter a 3-day festival event which could require a missed school day.  We try hard to avoid these but often times have no choice as they are national qualifying tournaments or just simply have the best competition available for our players. 

6. Is there any travel?
We anticipate traveling to the greater Chicago area 2-4 times in December-February and May-June.  There will also be tournaments in the SE part of Wisconsin.  The St. Louis and Chicago qualifiers are now both 3-day events.  Our boys teams, if voted by the parents, will travel in May for a 3-day event in Virginia or in June for a 2-day event in California.  All teams that qualify for open or vote to go and play in club division, will compete at Nationals in late June - early July for 4 days.

Boys 12-under: This team will compete in several local tournaments.

7. When traveling, do parents have to also attend?
No, a parent for each athlete is not required to attend.  If we feel there are not enough parents attending a tournament to supervise players, we will ask for 2 parents to serve as chaperones for that event.  Players and parents need to coordinate hotel arrangements unless contact by MVC directors about THS Housing Services and working through our hotel coordinator. Players are required to stay in the team hotel but can stay in their parent's rooms or an arranged player room. Any player rooms would be arranged by parents on that team.

8. How many players to you take on a team?
Ideally we like to have 10-12 players on a team.

9. How long is the season?
Boys: Our B14s, B15s, B16s, B17s, and B18s teams begin their season after tryouts and will conclude their season at the Junior National Championships in July. For more details, please read the MVC Handbook

Our B12s and B13s teams begin their season after tryouts and will conclude their season at the Badger Region Championships in late March.  If they wish to extend their season into the summer, that option may be available.

10. What are the costs?
The cost for MVC is based on the Club Fee plus Travel/Tournament Costs.  The club fee covers the cost of uniforms, gym time, equipment costs, administrative fees, coaching and office costs (postage, copies, etc.).  The fee structure is included below.