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"Veteran Parent" Tips

We have such amazing support from our parents at MVC! This organization couldn't exist without you! Our deepest thanks to all current and former parents!

Tips from a parent who has been through it all!

Hydration & Stretching: Remind your athlete to bring water to practice and tournaments to stay hydrated. Athletes need more frequent hydration to help all body systems work optimally; poor hydration negatively impacts and stresses the body. Also encourage your athlete to stretch as much as possible before AND after practice and tournaments - there is no better technique for injury prevention than stretching - arms/shoulders, legs, feet, fingers, necks, etc. The more stretching the better. Our athletes’ bodies are going through major growth spurts - make them stretch!
First Aid: It’s not a bad idea for your athlete to carry basic first aid supplies in the volleyball bag - athletic tape, band-aids of a few sizes, gauze squares, neosporin or other antibiotic ointment, instant ice compress packs, ibuprofen, and icy hot for muscle aches are handy. It's nice to have quick access to these items at practice or in the hotel room before/after a match if needed. 
Uniforms: All athletes receive two competition jerseys + one pair of competition shorts. At the end of the season, an additional 3rd jersey is offered for those teams competing in the SoCal tournament and Junior Nationals tournament. The cost for these competition jerseys/shorts is included in your club dues; any additional competition jersey or shorts purchased incurs an additional fee.
Spiritwear: MVC offers a wide variety of spiritwear for athletes and families to purchase. Be an ambassador of MVC pride by wearing spiritwear to tournaments or other team events! See the website link for details.
Team Parent Captain: Each MVC team should designate a parent captain to assist the coach with some logistics, meal coordination, and spontaneous events that pop up throughout the season. In collaboration with the coach, this parent captain:
•Collects & distributes family & athlete contact information for the team.
•Facilitates and distributes coach-initiated information & reminders about events to athletes & families (via email, FB or text).
•Researches hotel room rates & gets room blocks for the team if needed throughout the season (not necessary for St Louis Gateway tournament, SoCal tournament, Junior Nationals or others designated tournaments as stay-n-play). The parent captain communicates the collective information to team families; he/she does NOT make individual hotel room reservations, airline reservations or other.
•Coordinates meals for larger tournaments, either on site (such as St. Louis) or off site (making reservations at a restaurant).
•Coordinatse team laundry as needed at larger, multi-day tournaments.
•Organizes team social events as needed.
•Collects money for team meals/snacks or other sundries, coaches gifts or other items not related to monthly MVC club  or tournament/travelfees.
•Organizes and coordinates team meals/team coolers/team snacks at tournaments as needed or agreed upon by the team.